are you your blog?

In a very distant past, it is said that you are what you eat. Then came the time when you are what you read, followed by not long ago of you are what you watch. Now here in the electronic generation, is there such a thing as you are your blog?

Having similar thoughts on the subject over a year ago on a blog's appeal & the level of privacy, how much of our blog are we really part of? If weblogs are personal sites that uses dated log formats, or personal journals, how much of it reflects the author's character? Now that it has paved its way in the information highway, can we really know a person by merely his blog?

As weblogs exploded the internet, there are so many blog characters representing various subjects as an extention of one's personal thoughts in total freedom. It could be from the most significant to the most trivial issues but the sharing remains as personal. It has become a meeting point of either with common & adverse opinions. But as far as sharing goes, big or small, part or whole, truth or superficial, rooted or skin deep, a blog will never be free of first impressions & assumed ideas of the author's personality - even if he shares only a part of himself.

If blogs can be an extension of one's personality, could we now simply rely on the design & layout as clothing, the writing style as the educational background, the writing tone as the emotional balance and the choice of topic as a mirror of intelligence? Then blogging is not for the faint-hearted for there is no way of avoiding it. Anything you decide to share, everything you put in your blog is relative to different kinds of people.

A simple & modest blog design does not always mean the author is not skilled in coding. Writing is universal & there will be hundreds of ways to express one's thoughts & the tone only conveys a specific moment. Then the choice of topic will always depend on one's privacy. It is always the author's choice of what part of him he wishes to share. The thing is when you share a part of you, no matter how big or small, elaborate or discreet, someone will never go past their first impressions - curiosity dying with it - as if they already know.

In our time of reality shows & voyeurism, as in the blogsphere, it takes maturity to understand its concept
- freedom & tolerance from a mix of everything different. I would still like to believe that there is more behind the blog in people, a coming together of the same interests & learning - that your blog cannot truly give you away even if you try to. It will be too easy. But we cannot help to judge & be judged by our blogs.

Then to blog or not to blog - is purely your choice.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Very interesting take on blogs & blogging..I have visited your site and read your previous blogs a few times before and liked your style. I have come across your page thru Rosemarie's friendster page.I have just created a blogger acct. today,thus,was able to leave a comment..Keep it up with the interesting blogs!

  2. mak, superb post!
    i blog to vent. I know I can make people laugh, even cry or( get angry)with me to the posts I making. But also I make them think on how to situate themselves to a topic.
    If we can share good things to people, blogging would be very very enjoyable.after all internet is for that.
    Musta pala hehe!

  3. Hey, cousin! How are you??? Haven't heard much from you lately.

    Yep, I'm definitely my blog. That is why I moved mine to http://rebnin.multiply.com. So you better update my link in your Bloggers list. Hehehe. Do visit it sometime. I've had a thousand posts already since I moved there.

    Take care!

  4. Blogging is actually a mixture of what's happening in a person's life with certain limits, a chronological publication of thoughts, reflections and reaction to a certain things that we experience everyday. I agree that we share a part of our life's story but certainly not by blogging only we will know the person behind it.

    It is always easy to criticize a person but what good would it bring if we criticizes one's blog ? I guess, the answer is evident....a person who criticizes likes competition, a race and that he found himself superior to others.

    As the saying goes we cannot please everybody. So if you don't like his blog avoid visiting his page !!! Personally I blog to share and learn ! Very well written Makis ;)

  5. Welcome Gina! Thanks for reading my blog! Will visit your blog too!

    Controversial ang blog mo, Francesca, napapabalik-balik ako :)

    Hey cuz! Will fix your blog link on my page & I do visit your new link. I was looking at that video of Reb singing at our shop & was hearing my mom laugh. Please tell her I miss her a lot! Full-pledged artista na ba si Reb???

    I agree, Hazel, that there is more to people than their blogs. When I met the people in person through the blog, I've completely forgotten about their blogs :) It really, really changes everything once you meet the person behind the blog.

  6. I totally agree with Hazel. It is impossible to know the person totally merely by reading her or his blogs. Any blog writer chooses to write only about something that he or she wants to write about. Readers will know only certain information that the blogger writes about himself, therefore it's like showing only part of who the blogger is and NOT the blogger as a person or as a whole. I think that most probably, blogs can create some sort of an impression about the person but that's only an impression that can change utterly and totally once you meet the person face to face. Blogs are our representation of life through our eyes. We then represent to the readers what we see in our world.-Len

  7. Nicely put, Len! Our blogs are really like an ice breaker but the people behind their blogs really change once you meet them in person - it's even amazing! Really great comment, Len!

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