is it fall?

The weather was never a topic in the Philippines except for something like milenyo - it is just not an everyday conversation. Now, I always find myself waiting for the weather forecast - often smirking at the TV on Paris weather because we often have better skies. In our little barrio, the weather is not your ordinary talk on the streets, in the boulangeries & parlors - it is part of our everyday.

It is exceptionally warm for the season on our corner of the planet (I actually don't know how's the weather like in other places) & people are wearing sandos, spagetti straps & slippers again. It actually feels like summer. We still have open doors & windows in November, OK, just a few days shy. They are even planting palm trees in front of our building. I hope we won't have to pay for our perfect weather on winter so let's all enjoy it while we can. Who's up for a swim on the beach?

Weren't able to capture the real heat on this photo.

So, how's the weather on your side of the world?
Am I really again speaking about the weather here?


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. That's why I like to be in the South ! Fall is supposed to be pullover and heater na rin but we still get to wear tongs, t-shirt, spaghetti straps and we even go swimming ! Katulad ngayon, 27% under the shade, what more under the sun 30! :)! The only wish I am asking is to have rain, sobrang tuyo naman dito sa tin! Plants & tree need water !!!

  2. the weather's quite exceptionnal here too.. but not on sando and slippers tho :(. hey, EB on friday, qu'en penses tu?

  3. Spaghetti straps and slippers, opened doors and windows? Waaah nakakainggit kayo!

    We are already ready for the heaters, we wear our winter jacket 5 days in a week, and black is back.

    Sarap naman ng weather ninyo!

  4. Diba Haze, we cannot get over how good our weather is down here???

    Naku, analyse & Joy, I just went out on shirt, jeans & slippers. Others were really on sleeveless, spaghetti straps & shorts! I don't want to burst my own bubble but I'm really wondering how winter will be like...

  5. its true, in france, heat usually stops on 15th of October. But this year, summer heat is still here in France and its end of october!

    as you said, it will not be long and we will have our winter coats, gants and scarves soon! (sad)

  6. Makis, it is only here in the US that I truly got the whys of the weather question. It really is a topic of genuine interest and not just a desperate polite talk.

  7. I remember the first snowfall this year here in Toronto was last October 13, as in umambon na talaga ng yelo. Super lamig na, nanunuot sa mga buto ko. Grabe, nanigas mga varicose veins ko. Hahaha.

    musta dyan sis Maks, missyah!

  8. Soon is already now, Francesca! Biglang lamig with the mistral!

    Same with me, Geri! I agree, weather talk is not small talk. So nice to see you again here, Geri!

    Hahahaha! Nigas ang varicose veins! That cracked me up! My dear Nao, musta na ba ang busy girl?

  9. Wish I could have the warmth of the summer months right now...brrr. It feels like winter here in England. It's very cold, probably because we are near the sea. Most of the time it's windy and cloudy. It's freezing cold in the morning. It gets dark at around 3:30 to 4pm, then it gets very cold. I can no longer sleep without the hot water bottle underneath the covers and the halogen heater or the radiator on. What did France do to still have the heat of the sun at this time of the year??? Hehe...just wondering... *Sigh* - Len