a boring summer post

A month into the long awaited summer & what's left of it, I truly appreciate the quietness of our new barrio. If not for lost tourists or passers by to reach a more scenic destination, our neighborhood is almost void of people. Save for sunday markets, occasional garage sales & events in the local clubhouse, which are mainly frequented by locals. One of the joys of having a driving permit is allowing us to live in the most remote places. I can't really say I don't miss the luxury of living a few steps away from the beach because now we have a 15 minute drive to the lake. And this 15 minute drive is the price to be away from the main channel of tourists.

Kayaking in Lake St. Cassien on a gloomy day

So when summer means people moving around, it's always nice to move around & meet friends. The feeling is always different when we meet up on winters. Maybe the sun & the heat reminds us more of home but food intake is always the same. Such as my summers back home are made up of family excursions & watermelons by the beach, roadtrips, barbeques by a friend's pool or lunches at the terrace have now become a part of my summer setting. We appreciate summers here after a long winter even it means places are cramped with tourists & the roads are full.

Thanks to those who visited us in our new barrio. Looking
forward to a hopefully yearly thing to touch base, to update & to eat a lot. Thanks to friends back in our old barrio for always giving me a warm welcome everytime I come to visit. Although there's a month or so left of summer, our cocktail welcome drinks are always ready all year round.

Mixing a welcome drink, my favorite Long Island Iced Tea, thanks for the photo, Lynn!
Hoping to see the Parisians again next year & more of the Marseillaises quand même!


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Summer in the south is definitely different from summer here in Paris! I miss the constant warm temps of the South of France; here, I still have to check the meteo to see if a jacket is necessary or not (as if I can go out, yez). Wish I could've passed by your new place this summer, wish we could've gotten drunk on your long islands... next year, gaganti ako!!! Enjoy the visits, the sun and the tranquility. Your summer posts from Carry were always filled with stories about irritating tourists and lack of parking space... good to read that now you have the peace and quiet you need.

  2. It's like heaven here after 7 years of tourists in Carry! I don't have a bit of anything to share. LOL! And yes, you really owe me a visit, Kala! And when I mean by owe, there's interest! So your welcome drinks are multiplied by 3 as soon as you arrive :) We really miss you around here.

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  4. We're lucky enough to live in the South even if we don't even go out to beach we still keep a tanned skin ....just by going for a walk! So I'll see you on August or September (maybe) so get ready with all your cocktail mix hehehe !

    Enjoy the peace, the parking and less tourist Yo !!

  5. Looking forward to it, haze :) Let's try to visit more of the arriere pays! Hope to visit Marseille again soon though.

  6. you rock! i love long island too!

  7. Would love to mix you one (or 10 :D), Ana! I think I'm becoming passionated to mixing cocktails & it's a very dangerous one. LOL!

  8. Thanks for having us! And that delicious cocktail!
    We got depressed as soon as our plane landed in Orly! if only there are jobs available there, we would move in the minute!
    BTW, i lost most of the photos i took during our vacy there! shame!
    i hope to see you again soon!

  9. Hope the weather in Paris was not too bad when you got home :) Really hoping to see you guys again next summer. We should plan it!

  10. I remember this kitchen! I wish I could visit you and Haze again but I think next time we have vacation time, I'd like to go to the Philippines. Miss ko na ang maasim na mangoes.

  11. When do you plan in going to the Philippines, Joanne? Will be there this Christmas. Food galore! Hope to see you again, may it be France, US or Philippines! Do you also like bagoong with your mangoes?