About a relative world


The world is getting smaller everyday with more and more people getting on a plane. To travel on holidays to new places is such an enriching experience, but to  actually live in a new country is a whole different adventure.
In the summer of the turn of the century, I arrived Paris with an eye of a 6 year old, and have grown ever since after 15 years of France.
Pilipinas sa Marseille was a Geocities website I created back in 2004 mainly about the culture blending of the Philippines and France. Discovering Blogger a year after made my limited knowledge in web development and programming so much easier that I have kept my website name on a free platform since then.
My blog have become a portal of friendships with the same interest as being Filipino expatriates around the world. With all of us in different locations and the ordinariness of being uprooted from one place to another, it came to be a relative world.
From Manila, to France and now back to Asia in Singapore, a new map to explore, observations of a tourist passing through for a few years, moving around with three maps in hand is a journey where "Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." - Margaret Shepard 

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