of nothing & some things

With January almost over, we’re having such a wonderful winter. It's so wonderful that even my plants are confused. My daisies are in full bloom & my strawberries are pushing new baby leaves. We use the sunlight that beams in the house so we rarely have the heaters on during the day. Not that I'm complaining but it is a bit scary to have spring weather during winter. Like spoiled brats with a tab to pay later.

So, New Year. As if it was just yesterday I talked about the year that passed. It's either I have really nothing to blog about anymore or time is just so speed that I keep on forgetting to blog about things that seem to matter.   

The very first thing I did on the second day of the year was to get an empty gas bottle for our stove. We always empty it on a sunday. While paying for the said bottle in a gas station, I noticed a man who just couldn't resist staring at me from afar while he puts gas on his car. I would have loved being viewed at if it was a yummy jeune homme. But it happened to be an old guy with a bobbing pony tail & cowboy boots. He even stopped & stared one last time just in front of me before he drove away. And we say that we pinoys stare a lot when we see white skin or blonde hair. They do stare a lot too. And they're likewise not even the slightest embarassed to do so.

I believe this is the year I heard people talk about "New Year's Resolution" the least. Never really made one. Any other day is as good to begin anew. What I wanted to do is to try something new for 30 days (thank you Chesca for sharing this). It is like a 30 day challenge to do something you've always wanted by starting with small, attainable projects. It is said 30 days is about the right amount to form or subtract a habit. I loved the idea that I came up with a list of new things I wanted to try, or habits I wanted to form & take out of my life. So, I thought of starting my 30 day challenge with procrastinating less by starting with the littlest everyday things. But yes, I still do have to start the challenge.

Every year that ends & begins, I become more & more grateful for so many blessings, even with a difficult & trying past year. The more we hope for good health. To worry less & laugh more. To complain a lot less & appreciate much more. To care less & live more. I have not been productive for such a long time - literally & biologically - I'll start with doing a lot less of those & more of the rest. So much to look forward to but not looking too far because if there's one thing that keeps biting me in the ass is change. Making each day count with the things that really matter the most. And sometimes this is how we see the world differently.  


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Happy New Year, Kisma, and good luck on your 30 day challenge. I envy you - I don't think I could commit to a project like that!

  2. Happy New Year to you too, Kala! I still have to start my 30 day challenge & I'm starting with little everyday things. If I just start...

  3. Happy New Year Kala and Makis ! That's my girl, 30 days challenge so good luck and never give up :D !!!

    We are really lucky to have such a good weather in the south. We cannot really complain, just be thankful and appreciate !

  4. Happy New Year Makis! First, is that a view from your window? Just beautiful! I checked out the link and considered doing the challenge :P and will ( maybe) make a list . This challenge thing reminded me in a way , of the movie Julie & Julia. Have you seen it? The movie gave me pause for thought . Do I need a challenge to make my life a little more exciting and fulfilling? Now I just try to enjoy each day as it comes and be happy.

  5. Haze, I thought I would be escaping winter, di rin pala!

    Thanks Gina! Yes, that is the sun rising from our kitchen window view. My favorite spot of the house!

    My first 30 day challenge is kind of hard since it is like a part of my character (bad character!) & I started more than a week ago & I said that if I fail a day, I have to resatrt again. Yup, it's cheating :)) Tell me how your first challenge went!

    Happy New year, girls!