sun spots

If there's one sensation that could vividly bring me back to my former life, it'll be the heat. Waking up to a warm & slightly sun brightened room digs out memories of really so long ago. It's quite amazing how we can't remember things even if we try hard but like the smell of frying garlic can instantaneously transport us to those breakfasts (and meriendas) at home or those very early after gimmick food at Goodah. Sometimes, some special sense of smell or feel just can't stop us from looking back. Even just for a mere second.

And heat does that to me. I feel the wind on those long drives. On how I feel when my feet sinks in the sand. Or on how sticky it feels, and grainy, to eat skin peeled ripe mangoes on the beach. Or how we used to bring a big jug of very, very cold iced tea while doing the year's Visita Iglesia. And on other times, this very same jug refreshes us on a day's tennis. Family getaways. Barkada outings. My sunkissed skin. And a long, long list of clichés. It all seems so ordinary. I used to complain of this same damned heat that envelopes so much of my days.

Heat makes me feel sentimental & reminiscent because heat here just doesn't have the props to create the same sensation. It's normal, I know. I guess it's what you felt like that makes you go back & be silly cornballs. New experiences just don't register in the same way with the same impact anymore.

So I guess having to go to the beach here without first getting into traffic & much rounds to find parking then only to see a beach with a blanket of people, and getting into ice cold water just maybe sucks. Hope it's better on your side of the world. 


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. sigh... i miss the beach too, not just any beach, philippine beaches, how things are done there, what it's like to get to one, the total unrushed pace of looking for a nice spot, the chicheria we bring along... shet...

    i use to work in a callcenter in cebu, the pay was not astounding but it was enough for an occasional weekend trip to the beach.

  2. Hi Dennise! My thoughts exactly - not just any beach but beaches at home. I just love the deserted beaches back home & for having a bar just by it...shet talaga... :)

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