scraps from a year that was & forward

If you look hard enough, you'll see my friend in his usual place.

I hardly complained about the snow this winter. Staying under the flakes in our garden when it briefly snowed in our barrio, then sticking my tongue out for a moment & tasting a part of nature I have never gotten used to. A white Christmas wish come true when we went to celebrate it with the family in the east of France. Freezing at -15° at 10 in the evening. Half slipping on frosted streets. Shoveling pathways & scraping ice off the car's windows. Breathing fresh, clean air. A sight of pure & immaculate fields of white with nothing but animal trails. But yes, snow is good when you're on vacation.

The usual New Years at home. That is how I captured the valley below as it illuminated with fireworks. It almost felt like home.
In the news, there were at least 500 firecracker injuries in the Philippines & there are not more than 5 injuries reported in France. We had the best seat as we watched the year end & begin again.

Hello, visitors around the world.

The 5th year of this blog has been quiet & sluggish. A post a month. Even this post had to squat in the drafts folder for a month. But looking around the blogsphere, it has likewise almost trickled into slumber. Updating by one-liner statuses & sharing your whole life with online photo albums seem to be more practical. This new way of sharing ma
de me wonder about the essence of my blog. But it brought strangers together from all over the world. Some of them have remained virtual friends since the dawn of this blog & it has somehow forged a silent connection. So cheers to my blog friends, lurkers & random visitors. This blogger is not yet ready to close down.

The year that was seemed to be ordinary but signif
icant. Sometimes I cannot tell between bountiful blessings & concluding an 8 year old fight - and losing in the end. A collection of self revelations, a whole lot of learning & in my heart, I know I'm not the same anymore. I guess seeing a year just whoosh by is a good sign. Time is really so long & so short at the same time.

But this rabbit year is carrying on at a slower pace. Especially for a prisoner of freedom patiently waiting for the right mcjob. So I'm taking the leisure of spotting any hint of flair I might have for ornaments. To which I think I just might not have the skill of creativity & imagination. Going four months into our new home, it's still void of personal touch. Repainting an old garden set before spring, visiting antique flea markets & shops help in dragging on the days. In a fun way. There is something in retouching & making old things new.

They say when january is over, winter will already be a breeze. Although february most of the time holds suprises, my garden is now beginning to show signs of spring. It's always wonderful to see it wake up. Finally soon, therapeutic gardening (even weed cleaning) & collecting herbs & spices to grow then hopefully a good calamansi harvest. Even if my garden cannot be as manicured, the pleasure of finally having a green space is priceless. Barbeques always spell conviviality - a warm tête à tête for this family of two & a cat. Simple plans for a simple future.

Somebody's already enjoying the garden.
Have a great year!


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. nice reading from you. i am glad that you have signs of spring there. we just had a blizzard 2 days ago. i spoke so soon when i told you we're having above average temp. not anymore!

    anyway, regarding blogging, i am just uninspired lately. i am so busy with work, baby and chores. i am not very eloquent in my best day. how much more when i am just trying to get by! hayy....

    i am glad to have met you in the blog world. in a way i feel like i've known you so long. also, i can discern that you are a kind soul and so much to give. you have so much layers in you...

    i hope you don't stop blogging...

  2. Hi Makis, I am a huge fan! Found your blog sometime in 2007 I think when I started reading provenciana and then I found belishabeacon and then yours! And you're right, the blogosphere has been a bit sleepy lately, but despite the trickle of activity, I ALWAYS CHECK! :D

    Pilipina din ako, medyo panget ang tagalog ko kasi tagamindanao talaga ako. Nasa Karlsruhe Germany ako naka base ngayon and i entertain myself through these blogs, I'm glad you wont stop blogging... :-)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Awww, Loraine, you can't imagine what those kind words mean to me :) I feel the same way with all the people I've met through here. And there's a certain comfort that although we have not met them all, reading our blogs already make us feel better. I hope you won't stop blogging!

    Thank you so much, Dennise! I'm happy you finally left a trace :) I was just asking belishabeacon if we know anybody from Germany because I have regular visits from there & here you are! Glad to know you behind the location of my statcounter. Thanks for always visiting!

  4. We are privileged creatures are we, to have live in the South? Even if our winter is so cold, it's not always grey there's always the sun to cheer us up. Though we have a lot of raining, thunder and lightning I still consider it good. Good for the nature :) !

    Can't wait to see you new home Makis ! I am counting on you guys that we will have bbq journey, and sunbathing in your garden of paradise !

  5. We're back to winter again, Haze! February really has erratic temps. We'll be waiting for you guys soon! Can't also wait to visit your new abode :)

  6. ps: natawa ako with the garden of paradise - garden lang, Haze :)