of nothing & about nothing

While the scorching sun & the cicadas announce summer, half of France is busy getting to their holiday destinations. Roads are packed with crazy drivers & public places, even in the supermarkets, are crammed with tourists running around like headless chickens. Not like there's really something to complain about but I've always noticed that during summer, under the heat, people are more nervous & impatient. Either that or everybody's just excited how wonderful summer is. The thing is they seem to believe that everybody is also on vacation that they feel they have the right to just stop in the middle of the road. Afterall, holidays are supposed to be stress-free. I just really thank the heavens for straw hats & car airconditioning. The latter minimizes the sight of shirtless men driving around. They just make me feel uncomfortable.

After a brief slumber in the doldrums, I realized it is always followed by a humble elation. From a simple talk with a friend, or finding something you thought you've lost. Or of finally surrending & accepting a disguised blessing, and on to some really good news. Moving on & growing up, even if the picture is not complete, is still a good way to be living life. Some of us just can't follow the normal cycle of society. And it's ok. An alternate life, though it's more likely the plan B, is absolutely ok. Once you've identified your black hole, it becomes effortless to spin with what's around you.

Slight headaches following sleepless nights & the heat probably triggered my very first vertigo (the real one!) attack. And I'm not just being dramatic. All the spinning & shaking, the nausea & vomiting that is still leaving traces until today, two weeks from the first attack, is not a pleasant sensation at all. I finally had a brink of what it is like after a roller coaster ride for me. So even if I haven't gotten into one yet, I'm still swearing them off my list. Another reminder of the wear & tear of our body. We need more exercise just to be in minimum shape. Aside from not being able to watch 3D movies, I don't think I'd be able to say visit the moon or even orbit around the earth in a hip spacesuit inside a cool spaceship. Even if I know I couldn't afford it if they do commercialize these trips, I'd still like to have the option. Graphics from robotbugs666 of his Flickr album

In a month or two, we'll be back in the whole caboodle of life - some things ending & other things beginning - and all that comes in between. Ending & beginning with old & new habits. Eyes closed & ears open wider as we readily embrace more of life's surprises. Sometimes it is important not to be strong but to feel strong. Courage is what truly makes you not care for that little bite that seems to itch forever. For now, there's nothing more refreshing than chilled melons & watermelons.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. A vision of next summer: rosé wine, bbqs tent-pitching and stargazing! Yeba!!!

  2. LOL on shirtless men making you uncomfortable and having the option of orbiting the earth and going to the moon. It sounds like summer in france is fun. I hope your vertigo will not come back. Not very fun, I know.

  3. Even in one of your unhappy moments (being the 'vertigo' moments) you still crack me up, Makis, with your option of orbiting the earth! So sorry to hear about your vertigo again. I hope you are feeling better. How's the exercises going? Hhhmmm...yes, it's endof summer but isn't it just wonderful that we get to experience 4 seasons? I'm always in awe when it's the end of one season and the beginning of the next one. Cheers Makis! :-0

  4. Kala, what gardens can do!

    Loraine, men driving or walking around in the centre town shirtless do make me feel uncomfortable :) HOw's your summer in your side of the world? Must be pretty warm too!

    Len, yup, getting pissed with it already but thankfully getting used to it too. I'm not really doing the exercises anymore since the vertigo has decided to annoy me in another position when I move. Thanks for asking! Glad I made you laugh :)

    ps: I think I'm really built for the warm weather but also appreciate the 4 seasons. It'll be better if the four seasons are only a month long & cycles 3 times a year. LOL!