It has been 3 months since I came back from the Philippines & it takes me longer than normal to get back to the usual routine. Although it was harder getting back to France this time around, what with all the snow that welcomed me & now with winter lingering too long, life has slowly picked up. Thank goodness. This year will just have to surprise me. The welcome snow in our barrio last February

I realized that going on holidays is something that gets better in time.
You learn from your past vacations to pack lesser clothes, or that there's always never enough time to do things & in the end, you feel more tired. Like any other holidays. No matter how squarely you followed your time management. There is really such a thing as a professional traveller.

On our weekend trip to an old village of the Provence, Mons, I was surprised to see a defibrilaltor, with its instructions, in the small centre town, nicely built in the old thick walls of a typical old village house:

While the blogsphere is awefully quiet & with so little inspiration to write, I am hoping to likewise defribillate this blog with a better post. With the promise of a better spring, lots of sunshine & warmth coming our way because I won't survive more of this:


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. I didn't know there were these defibrillateurs hanging around public areas ; I didn't even know what a defibrillateur was until I clicked on the photo, hehehe! Is the last photo on this post a current one? Doesn't feel so much like May... normally in Provence, at this time of the year, we're already walking around half-naked!

  2. I was amazed to see defibrillators in towns like that. And yes, today, it was 9° outside in the middle of the afternoon. In May! In the south!

  3. hi Makis, we have cold spring too. well, april was warm but we have cold may so far. we also had the worst winters ever recorded. not good for momma's hormones. i am glad for spring. nice to see defibbrillators in public places. it saves life.

  4. After I get settled with my delivery, I'll be able back to "normal blogging" I hope. Cold spring is like a stone cold blogging isn't it ?

    Like Malor said it's a life saving equipment. I've read that lay responders or bystanders are capable to employ them easily with little, or in any case no training at all.

    Glad you & Kala are blogging !

  5. Hi, Malor! Hope summer's picking up on your side of the world :)

    The blogsphere is so quiet nga, Haze. Hope we can all get back to regular programming because writing is a therapy :)

    Even if this public defribillators are user-friendly, I don't think I can handle it due to panic & stress! LOL