more gratitude than hoping

When I was young, back in the latter part of the -ties, I have always thought that in the year 2000 we would be in slick space suits with holograms to do much of the work, flying cars & pills for much of everything essential for survival. And here we are, an hour after 2010, we have built a society as much the same as 20 years ago except there's more stress, we've put a hole on our earth, we have awakened, not as much discovered, more diseases that can apparently wipe out a quarter of a population. So much for space travelling. Our dinner table while taking it slow

But like any habit, tradition is likewise hard to break. Even if we still don't have the moon as a vacation spot, just being away from home & a different way to celebrate the holidays, it doesn't mean that the New Year shouldn't be spent with wine & food. This year, into the next, is for me more about gratitude than hoping to another year of resolutions, change or aspirations. I guess if we're more thankful of what our lives have offered, the future couldn't be any worse.

our scallops with leeks gratin for entrée &
roasted guinea-fowl with chanterelle mushrooms for the main course

Especially when you know that you are where you're supposed to be, no matter what the odds are. The New Years are more celebrated in my heart. It used to be closing a year & hoping for a better one. This year, it's all about what this year has made me become & embracing the future. Whatever it may bring. So much to celebrate for. Cheers to the New Year!


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. I've been always thankful for the closing years. I accept whatever comes my way either positive or negative as it brought me to become a better person.

    Let's embrace 2010 with more positivity !

  2. so yummy!! happy new year makis, see you in manila!

  3. Hi Makis, I am thinking about you. I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I'll e-mail you sometime.

  4. Hi Makis. A mutual friend, Gina, recommended that I wrote you when she found out I was looking for contributing writers for Vibal Foundations, Philippine Online Chronicles, Buhay Pinoy channel. And sure enough, I am loving what I am reading here. If you're interested to write about expat life for some pay (not much, really barya especially for dollar or euro earners -- haha), please email me at myrnaco@gmailcom. Will give you particulars about the project so you can decide if you want in or not. Lemme hear from you soon. Meanwhile, take care and pls blog on.

  5. Hi Makis...Im back on line...how are you? - Len