MSG fix

Browsing on the junk food shelf of my unplanned visit to the Philippine Store in Cannes, I finally met more Filipino shoppers. Our small talk sparked with the Korean owner cracking jokes about his Filipina wife. Then the routine questions when & where to which I said I have nine years of France & just moved to the bundok*. "Ah, your husband is French," one confidently concluded while the other added, "Yes! People who lives in the bundok are r-i-c-h." The Korean owner then asks me about Filipinos in our barrio when one of them casually offered her Filipina friend, who is likewise married to a French, to be my friend. I handed my homemade pink call card & left with a bunch of powered MSG food with probably a new friend I will never meet. Then I wondered about the bundok. Did I misuse the word or did it mean that I'm married to an old, retired French? We're surely not r-i-c-h & we just happen to hate living in the city.

*bundok = mountains 


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. i know what to offer you now for your birthday, hehehe a jar of Ajinomoto!!

    ps, i wanted to ask what bundok meant for I didn't get that it meant being rich...hmmmm

  2. I don't think you misused the word bundok unless there's a prevailing perception that it's an exclusive place for rich French retirees.

    Question: What's a powered MSG food? Like Dhanggit, I thought it's a bottle of Ajinomoto (or something similar).

    Take care of yourself. Godbless.

  3. Hilda, I think with the amount I eat of junkfoods, I'm all set for the Ajinomoto!

    Nebz, I just refer to the pinoy junkfood, the knorr seasoning & instant noodles powered MSG food :)

    And on the bundok, in my head I meant that it's remote & away from civilization. When they said it's for the rich, I felt I sounded arrogant for using the word!

  4. Hay naku. Even here in Saudi, my flatmate couldn't cook without Knorr and Mama Sita. I never use Ajinomoto -- just a pinch of sugar, okay na.