boracay, the new hot spot?

All I have been doing to realize our dream to have a beachfront house in Palawan is to fantasize through internet real estate, forever checking the rates & gape at the paradise we could have if only I would move my ass to have that small nipa hut. So today, I continued to drool online & saw this ad, with my mouth wide open beyond belief:

For Sale: Boracay Island Villa for Sale, lot area 1,500sqm, floor area 500 sqm
Exclusive & quiet location on the north western tip of Boracay Island neighboring Shangrila Hotel & Spa with private access road to baranggay road. This two-storey island villa has 500 sqm total living space with 4 bedrooms, 2 study/office rooms, 1 guestroom, 4 bathrooms, large veranda with a magestic ocean view & profesionally manicured garden. Price: EURO 980,000*

That is 63.4Mphp & 1.3MUSD. That's a price of a very luxurious house here by the French Riviera. The thing is with the Philippine islands, although protected by law that only Filipinos can buy & own land, tourism investors will monopolize the real estate, shooting up the land value that Filipinos wouldn't even afford to buy in their own country anymore. Not only that they make a 10.32sqm island like Boracay into a light studded, concrete paradise, locals are uprooted, selling their land for a small change.

Tourism is one of the Philippine's biggest profits & while it is true that it provides employment to the locals, you can't help but notice more of the downside of a booming island, stripping off nature with lights & buildings, and real estate prices that go up to 980K€. Can they really now sell this much? Or maybe, 980K€ is an imense amount to me & to a lot of people, it's not a lot of money.

*check more of the ad's details here


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  1. It's a lot of money and even billionaires like Bill Gates won't be fooled by this. They're quite smart in terms of buying properties. 980K€ is out of price for this villa with what 1,500 sq.m., Floor Area: 500 sq.m.???

    I would rather have an island of my own at this price, yan eh kung manalo ako ng Euromillion =) !!!

  2. sira ulo ang bibili nun sa ganung price!

    ang gulo na kaya ng boracay, its not the same anymore ten years ago.Dami na koreans than the locals.

    Maraming magaganda sa pilipinas na beachfront, worth the price, like sa Negros, one hectare land, near the beach, 350Kphp lang! taniman ko raw ng mangga.
    Sus, di ko lang interes pero mura na yun, nasa 4000€ lng!

  3. Kaya dapat muna tumaya tayo, Haze, chaka natin isipin kung nanalo na tayo ng 200M€ kung bibilihin natin yan. Aba, pang birthday gift kay hubby. LOL!

    True, Francesca, totally commercialized na ang Boracay. Will start checking nga the potential of Negros. Salamat sa info!

  4. it's really pricey. i heard from my sister that they're having problems in boracay properties.I don't know if it still on.
    Anyway,we also dream to have a napa hut near the beach.My old time dream to bahay kubo.
    Hope your ok there.

  5. I saw pictures of the Shang resort in Boracay-really cool. If the villa looks like the Shang, maybe it's worth it for those who have money to burn.

    But you're right, it's a shame that the very people who have lived in that area for generations can't even afford the area anymore.

  6. I'm afraid Boracay is soon going to sink under the weight of all the concrete they're putting on her :(

  7. I would love to own a property in Pinas although this Boracay one you mentioned seemed to be too expensive. Unless...yes, we win the lottery.

  8. Hi Maya! Been a long time! HOpe we all find our bahay kubo :)

    So true, Joanne! Soon the island will have no more locals. They already put up an international school there.

    Apol, I cannot even imagine Boracay in the next few years.

    Hi Leah! It is really expensive even if I don't know what a 1.3MUSD house is there. But 980K€ here is really a big, nice villa.

  9. huwattt? that much?..

    but it's true na sobrang mahal na sa tin, kahit na nga lang sa probinsya namin na ang layo sa mga turista, sobrang mahal na.. how could people there survive?

  10. Thaaat much, Ana! I couldn't get over it nga eh. Iba na talaga sa atin. Teka, where's your probinsya?

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