the perks of getting lost

My Maundy Thursday's ritual is doing the Visita Iglesia during Holy Week. My car packed with extra shirts & towels, candies & a big jug of ice cold drink while we go around to visit seven churches around the neighboring villages where I live. Of course the ritual was broken when I moved to France. I continue it by doing the Way of the Cross in the barrio's church.

And today is Maundy Thursday & I don't think I can do seven churches here so when I saw that our barrio's church is closed for repairs, there is little time today to be exploring some old churches in the region of Grasse. I opted for a small chapel near the center. Of course I didn't find it & my parking timer is only for an hour 12 minutes. All I see is the bell tower of the Cathedrale de Grasse. I thought what a nice way to do the Stations in a nice, centuries old Cathedral like the Notre Dame de Puy, of the XII century? After 20 minutes of looking for that chapel, I marched to the center of Grasse, the bell tower as my guide.

On my way to do what I'm supposed to do, I bump into the Musée International de la Parfumerie with its beautiful building facade, then the museums of Fragonard, and down the smallest pedestrian streets I've ever seen yet, animated with colorful shops so typical old French towns. The shops are likewise interesting. There was one maker of troll statues, or creatures you'll find in video games. Then there was one art shop who exhibits art made of batteries, cellfone covers, pc parts. And since I was not really exploring, I didn't bring my camera. I guess I'm one of the few people left with cellfones without cameras. When I found the Cathedral, it was actually the same chapel I was looking for. The internet had a technical problem with words. I ended up doing my Way of the Cross & the rosary with so little time.

I'll be back to do a long overdue exploring of our new place. I got lost with the oldness of this city. It reminded me of the movie, Le Parfum, Histoire d'un Meurtrier. Then it dawned on me how I neglect the time I have to actually visit the wonderful places of France, only just found under my nose. At times happiness is in those little moments of appreciation found just outside your window. Especially when your window is in France.

I miss the Holy Week in the Philippines. There is not a hint of it here & I kind of thank my ritual for keeping it inside of me, a habit that gives a personal inner peace. The real essence of Holy Week is finding in your heart & soul the crosses you carry & your own journey to epiphany. The many deaths & rebirths of merely living that shaped the very you now. Of being so full of gratitude. Sometimes it is in getting lost that we find such beauty in the world.

May your Easter continue to hatch good things in your days.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. I don't think I would ever get tired walking around in France, be it small town or big city, quiet alley or bustling street. It's all good:)

    Isn't that the way, though. You're living smack dab in a beautiful area but so busy with doing the everyday that you miss what's around you. It's happened to me.

  2. I never realized it is Holy Week this week. Happy Easter, Makis and Joanne! I wish to see France before I turned 40.

  3. So true, Joanne, what you really miss when you're so busy running around. And I guess living here, you always say you have lots of time to visit until the time you have to move. Why is it hard to "stop & smell the roses" these days, no?

    Happy Easter to you too, Loraine! Speaking of turning 40, it's not that far away! Be nice to see you here :)

  4. You live in a beautiful region so it's worth the walking. If you're only a half an hour away I could have accompanied you strolling like we used to do in Carry.

    Now, next time you know where to bring us Makis :D ! May this Lenten Season bring you many graces from up above!

  5. I wish we could walk around Grasse together. I miss our Aix-Marseille-Carry meetups!

  6. you really have a gift for words:)... even without the photo, i feel like i'm walking there with you... one great thing about france is that it is teeming with history... and getting lost in the labyrinthine streets is actually a blessing in disguise (unless you're in a hurry... then that's another story:))...

    grasse --- the city of perfume... i guess, i'll relive the scenes in the movie le parfum, histoire d'un meurtrier when i get the chance to visit the area:)... maybe i should also try to get a copy of the book :)...

    i love what you said about easter...may we all find and live its true meaning... by the way, don't worry about the cellphone --- mine has a camera (because i don't think they sell any phones now without it) but i never get to use it :)...

  7. Check ka dyan, Haze! LOL! We're slowly discovering the region. You & the rest of the fam should really visit us when it's warmer because there's a lot of fun in the lake!

    Yes, I do miss our strolls, Kala! But we'll meet up again in Paris soon.

    So true, Lareine. France for me is really like a black & white photo from beyond. It is amazing how I had the feel of the movie on those small streets & I wondered how it is at night. The movie though was shot in Barcelona, or somewhere around there in Spain.

    And hey, do let me know when you're around the area. Would be great to meet up :)