creepy coincidences

Our new home is only heated by a fireplace on the first floor. The rest of the house is heated through a pipe system embedded inside the thick walls. The trouble to find firewood in our area was such a headscratcher. Not only that it doesn't get too cold in our region during winter, houses with chimneys are all for aesthetic purposes. So they either don't sell it by stacks or the price is unbelievable. My in-laws get a cubic meter of wood for 35€, all nicely cut & clean. Yes, they live in a cold region of France. With the crazy weather these days, we settled to get them the easiest way. They delivered it today, the truck backed up in front of our house, dumping all the wood, 2 cubic meters of them, on the floor. I looked at all the wood with dismay. They were cut in a weird way, some might even come with a dwarf *knocking on wood* Our first fire
So we started sorting & piling them when an old man passed by & sparked a conversation with, "Those are not good firewood at all." My husband & I laughed & said we obviously know that. Then he informed us that our neighbor, the one across, just passed away recently. I truly felt sad hearing it. That explains her closed windows for a couple of days now. She was 90. I've seen her a lot of times from our kitchen window since we moved in just 2 months ago. She would sit on her chair under the sun, or feed her black cat & the old man did say she had a turtle in the garden. Eversince my dad passed away, I don't feel the same way about death as I used to.

Then I twinged remembering the time we moved to Carry le Rouet 7 years ago. A couple of months after moving in, our neighbor's husband passed away. He was about 50-60+ looking at his widow. I remember it clearly because we heard about it after the funeral & we didn't know how to deal with it since we really just moved in. It's a strange & creepy coincidence but mostly we get the old people as neighbors. It's really not a good way to move in a new place like this, is it? We'll be moving again in a year or two. Who wants to be our neighbors?

Ok, no smarty pants with scary ideas. I won't be able to look out my kitchen window for now.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


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  2. salamat sa dios, malayo ang les milles sa nice hehehehe :-) bises

    ps, im wondering if you did took the advice i told you on lighting up your fireplace hehehehe

  3. I wouldn't read anything into it. You're right, they are just crazy and creepy coincidences.

    You know whenever I hear of people passing away from old age, I don't feel sadness. I just think they lived a full life and now they need to rest.

  4. hi maks.
    death and cold weather.
    two things i do not like to ponder on.

  5. It happens to everyone, some are unimportant, others make us think. This one is indeed creepy! It's because you've often come across older people in your neighborhood.undri

  6. Let me think... No, don't move here, please.(kidding)

    I agree with you,buying firewoods are really expensive.though, i always enjoy the cosiness of chimney.

    Unfortunately,we can't used our chimney now coz we need to redo it first.

  7. ngek, buti na lang malayo ang dijon, lol.