dustbusters, going & leaving

It's not really normal to ask your friends to help you clean your new house before you even move in but cleaning was like a good excuse to show them how to get there & have a tiny girl's night out. So to Hazel & Cathy, my big heartfelt gratitude for helping me make our new home smelling Javel clean. Hazel's scrumptious crispy pata, complete with its rightful sauce, gave us all the power to rupture all of our gloves from all the scrubbing.

Thanks so much, girls!

Asking them to come over our new home likewise reconfirmed me how nice our new place is. We haven't even moved in yet but bumping into the locals have already showed me how warm & friendly they are. I've never liked change but I am always given the opportunity to learn to accept it. Going & leaving is always sad but the people & places will continually be a part of our big panorama of life.

Will then be next posting from our new home, by the window with the view of the sea from afar. There's again so much getting used to. It's just a matter of getting used to.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Good luck with the move, Makis! And I hope you get your internet connection soon in your new place!

  2. Cleaning made me stress less Makis (makarma sana talaga yung hacker)! I'm glad to see your new nest, great views & nice neighbors. So good luck with your move and our humble house is always open, remember ;) !

  3. i hope the move won't be too stressful --- physically and psychologically:)... "change" seems to always put us in limbo... but as you've said "it's just a matter of getting used to" :)...

    bon déménagement!

  4. congratulations to the new abode! what fine friends you have, you are lucky to have them... it does sound wonderful your new neighborhood.... bisous!

  5. I am looking forward to 'seeing' the view from your window.

    CheerS! on your new abode.

    May it be a safe , happy haven!

  6. Its always good to have some helping hands when moving. And with friends around, it is much much better.

    All the best im your new place.

  7. Thank you girls! Good thing blogging knows no new addresses :)

  8. aww, i wish i was there to help you clean up sis.. take care, muah! :)

  9. wow, your new home sounds divine ;-) nice to know you have girlfriends who support you with every step ;-)

  10. happy for your Makis! Good luck and best wishes from me and Jim! :-)

  11. Nao! The more the merrier!

    Hi Caryn! I guess the true friends you find in another country count as family too :)

    Thanks Len! When would you & Jim visit France???

  12. by this time, you've certainly finished with the move. how about a peek of the new abode?

  13. your area is very quiet village away from the noise. The birds would surely sings in your window every morning.
    Now thats really a bliss.

    Soon, we may end up seeing each other.
    You are now one hour away from us...
    Enjoy the new environment.
    Tyak, me kapehan dyan worth tambayan...

  14. Malay mo, we'll bump into each other in the Philippine Store in Cannes, Francesca? LOL