good morning, yesterday

Receiving this old photo on my email yesterday morning made me fold my worries in 4, stuffed them in a small box pushed under the bed. 11 years doesn't seem so long but when you're living life, you hardly notice the changes. We wouldn't have imagined how we got to where we are right now 11 years ago.

But sometimes, there are changes that are impossible not to notice. In more than a month, we'll be moving to a new place, restarting a new phase in our life. Everything will be fresh & more discoveries are in order. Although I have always believed that it's just a matter of geography, as when I arrived France 8 years ago, every place is unique. You just can't help but begin anew.

When I wondered about "being home" & being somewhere else, I just can't help having that twinge in my heart for leaving this little space we grew to love for 7 years. It's not only the four corners of our apartment. It's the morning & afternoon sun. The tree by our balcony & the happy plants that adorn it. The little unnoticeable conveniences like having a parking just beside, the mailbox just in front, and having everything you need within walking distance. The sea just a few meters away. And certainly Marseille, in a weird way, is something my husband & I (especially him) just fell in love with.

Although we're moving only 2 hours away, Spéracèdes is a whole new different landscape. It is a town in the border of the Var & Alps Maritimes region, still in the Provénce-Alps-Côte d'Azur department in the south of France. Instead of the sea, we'll have a lake. Our view of the sea is replaced by the verdant mountains of the Alps, the city of Cannes & part of the sea from afar. Our apartment will become a maison de village (a typical old French house village) with 3 floors - living room on the ground floor, kitchen on the second & 2 bedrooms on the third. Rather than a hyped touristic place, we'll only have children laughing & crying from the school just beside or the sound of silence of this arriere pays, loosely translated as backcountry. When the movement is not the same as from Manila to France, it still reminded me of how it felt.

When all that is changing for us, we're also moving to another phase in my "subfertility." When I received the results of a relatively new bloodwork, the Anti-Mullerian hormone, I'm in waiting to exactly know what it really means. Even if my research gave me a rather bleak explanation of my results, I will wait for confirmation in 2 weeks for my OB appointment to exactly know where I stand. This is another realization in my life that needs more growing up to do.

11 years is long. My friends & I have gone through a lot of changes in our lives. But yesterday brought us even after almost 30 years now to come together & say "we're not doing bad at all." Because there is always good in change.

manks, thanks for this wonderful surpise


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


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  2. coucou...change is sometimes good!! hang on sweetie! God has lots of nice stuff in store for you :-) mwah!! (halik na walang toothbrushan iyan ha!) hehehe miss you dear

  3. Crossing my fingers for the AMH results, which I'm sure is nothing to worry about.

    I can't wait to visit your new home... Get the guest room ready! Hazel and I solemnly swear to raid your casa as often as possible (whenever I'm in France, too! Sana magka-kotse ako kaagad...) so help us god ;)

  4. I am excited as you are Makis so make those changes for good ! New home, new environment, new hope! I am glad you asked me to help you out anyway that's what friends are for di ba ;)! Kala is right susugurin ka namin lagi doon, kaya maghanda ka na ng sangkatutak na recipes LOL !!!

    I am positively sure that AMH is not as serious as we thought!

    So when are you leaving ?

  5. PS typo error.. when are WE leaving?

  6. off to a good and sweet start. i'm sure you'll adapt to that new environment in no time.. and goodluck to that AMH result, i sincerely hope it turns out as you wished for.

  7. Because Hazel mentioned recipes, gusto ko bbq chicken and bilobilo :D

  8. whew! i thought you're really moving far before i even get to say "hello":)... yep, i've been reading your blog for sometime now (actually, since your first site in geocities, i think)... i don't know, i just couldn't seem to organize my thoughts in commenting ... i always felt like what i wanted to say has already been said...

    i hope i didn't spook you out about "following" your blog... but at least, i finally was able to comment *sigh of relief*... good luck with the moving... and even more to the result of the AMH test...

    re: the photo --- time surely flies fast...

  9. Hilda, I would have believed na sana pero nung halik na walang toothbrush ala eh sige na nga. Sweet naman kasi talaga :)

    Kala, I'm taking your word on that ha + the guest room is even better there because it's really a room! And I'll cook all the chicken bbq & bilobilo all you want! But Hazel makes a mean lechon kawali :) O, walang bawian in visiting me often ha. LOL. OR, we'll drag Hilda along para mag cooking lessons na tayo. O HA?!

    Hazel, I'm so thankful for all your help! And our roadtrip is going to be soon, friend! Then, again, we'll drag Hilda along & we'll talk about recipes diba :D

    Ana, thanks! Sometimes I wonder if change is harder to cope with when we're older. Visit us when you're around ha!

    Lareine, thanks for saying hello finally! And yep, a lot of new beginnings for us *whew* but thank goodness for blogging *rock on* (I still can't believe you visited my geocities site! LOL)

  10. everytime people talk about change, it reminds me of Jose Mari Chan's Constant Change. the lyrics are dead right.

  11. So are we going to be a lot closer during summer?

    good luck to the move! glad u've finally nailed down an estate agent!!! i mean that seemed fast, summer just ended!

  12. Evi, I think I have forgotten this song :) I think life is really a flow of conastant change.

    Lynn, yes! We'll be now closer during summers. I'm really looking forward to that ha!

    Hilda, ati! Di ka naman nagparamdam sa chat :)