pinoy by heart & on paper

When I was complaining about the processing of my Dual Citizenship here, a lot of people asked me why I still want to be a Filipino Citizen when I already have the French. This surprised me a bit but it never entered my mind not to be a Filipino on paper. It was only when the Philippines passed the Citizen Retention & Re-acquisition Act of 2003, or RA 9925, that I applied for the French nationality. A country recognizing Dual Citizenship is a great privilege because there are only a few countries (website not updated) who do. Left, my Certificate of Oath of Allegiance & new Philippine passport after acquiring Dual Citizenship

But my complaining was abruptly stalled & I had a chance to do it in Manila. Apparently, with all the red tape & corruption I experienced, and simply the hassle of doing paperwork in the
Philippines, I have to admit that the Philippine Embassy in Paris has improved by leaps & bounds in the paperwork department. Although I didn't inquire directly for the procedure in Manila, a friend informed me that she had to hire a lawyer & the processing will be at least 6 months. This turned me off & I have to be actually grateful I had an easier option here in France.

And so finally I was able to file my application in Paris & off we went for our oathtaking. On May 23, 2008, Hazel & I went together to be a Filipino on paper. Although I thought that it was unnecessary, reciting my Oath of Allegiance to my motherland was quite moving, in front of the Philippine flag, a portrait of GMA & all. Below, Oath taking with Hazel & with Consul Rosalita S. Prospero

Today, I just received my new Philippine passport *yay!* I still have the old, non-machine readable since the embassy is finishing their stock of old passports. Which is not bad because it is more than a passport to me. It's my proof of citizenship. And besides, I still get to smile & be beautiful in a passport photo. The guy in the photo shop couldn't believe that I can smile for a passport picture. So the trouble a smile can bring is yet to be discovered.  

Another issue was when a Filipino friend with an Italian citizenship asked me how I ever lost my Philippine Nationality. Since the Philippines didn't recognize Dual Citizenship until 2003, Filipinos who acquired another nationality automatically lose their Filipino citizenship. It is here that we retain or re-acquire it. The procedure is relatively new & it will improve with more years. Hopefully in a few years, the RA 9225 won't be necessary at all. That we won't automatically lose our Filipino Citizenship. We are still fortunate to have an embassy with more experience on this.

The procedure is actually easy. As long as you have your official documents with you & you don't need to have it sent from Manila, it'll be a breeze. You can call the Philippine Embassy in your area & request for an RA 9225 Application Form which is sent by mail. Requirements are normally the following:

passport size photos, any proof of Philippine Citizenship (birth certificate, old passport, voter's ID, marriage certificate indicating Philippine Citizenship), foreign passport, certificate of naturalization & its official translation, proof of payment, marriage or report of marriage if married, oath of allegiance

Remember to only submit photocopies. The embassy might request original copies to be sent. If so, you will then be asked to write a letter to the Consul why you cannot send the originals. I know such a waste of time. You will be then given an appointment for your oath taking & voila! As usual, you will always need to follow up.

The Dual Citizenship is not for everybody, so grab it if you can.
For me, being a pinoy by heart is not enough until you are on paper.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Your photo's so nice on that passport! I love that we can smile on our Filipino passports. But maybe when you get the machine-readable one, you'll have to be super serious na, hehehe!

    Hay naku, buti ka pa, you have the dual citizenship na. Must reacquire Phil. nationality as well. first step: leave Qatar :)

  2. ...this is my next assignment to have my passport renewed !

    Congratulations Makis and so true reacquisition of Filipino nationaltiy is easy. I think, we sometimes think it's complicated but it's not! Minsan we can get to exaggerate things na rin because we wanted it right away but we should also understand that they have their rules and procedures to follow and because the decision will come from the Consular itself!

  3. Congratulations Makis and thanks for sharing this with us. It is very informative. Call me daft but honestly, I didn't know we could get a dual citizenship! That's good news!

  4. congratulations and i applaud you for wanting to remain legally Filipino.

  5. You have a great entry here. Congrats! you make me want to do the process here, i been thinking to do since 2 yrs. ago in PI when we go back, but the fare is high that it difficult for all of us to go home.

    at least, if i have the nationality back i'll be truely pinoy on paper not merely by heart.I don't feel at ease saying i'm french parang bumabara ang lalamunan ko kaya parating may dugtong sa paper lamang.

    Congrats ulit!

  6. Hey, Kala, maybe you can lead the Philippine embassy there in Qatar in how it's done??

    It was such a surprise, Hazel :) Kasi it's true when we have to make an extra effort on our papers, we already sigh & think, "pinoy paperworks, sheesh" Medyo weird lang to ask kasi the original docs by mail eh.

    Hi Len! The Philippine dual citizenship is relatively new! So if you're thinking of doing it, go for it :)

    Hello & welcome, Evi! Thanks for the applause :) This is one proud pinoy here!

    Hi & welcome to you too, Maya! If you plan to do it, do it here in France. I really think it's easier, no red tape & long waiting. You can just do it by phone & appearance on the oathtaking. I really can't say I'm french though, parang mali eh! Thanks for dropping by!

  7. bookmarked. thanks for sharing. im sure ill be asking you questions when the time comes, lol. for the meantime, i need to work on the naturalization thing. ill apply it after vacation, promise.

    and hey, i didnt know we could actually smile for the passport pix! nice passport ;)

  8. Go, go, Ana for your naturalization! You really have to grab our chance of having dual citizenship. My pinay friend who also lives here in our barrio is married to a german & apparently, Germany does not recognize dual citizenship.

    You actually cannot smile anymore on passport photos but since I still have the old one, there was no problem about my smile :) Just email me if you need anything on this ;-)

  9. Hi Mak!

    congrats sa dual cit.

    I was at Manila airport, ba eh, the immigration wanted both passports from our kababayan na german citizen na.Eh sabi ni Pinay, nasa luggage na raw niya.
    Aba hindi talaga siya pinayagan to board,until inabot niya yung filipino passport niya...

    Ganun ba yun? Dalawa i abot?

  10. Francesca: I am not really sure how it works pa pero kasi the Phil passport is your proof of citizenship so I think it has something to do with the visa. Although we are Filipinos, we still need to ask for a Balikbayan Visa (1 year). Plus, I don't really see any problem in showing both your passports as long as you have both stamps on the foreign passport :)