slowly waking up

Half awake, I groggily examined my husband & the giant ching chang chung* he's holding up for me to see. "Oh, you brought it!" I very surprisingly said. "We can bu..." wait a minute, bed orientation = France, comforters & cold feet = France, head = Manila. My thoughts lost in the trail of my unfinished sentence. Wondering where I am, my husband laughed making me realize that it has been 4 days since we left the Philippines. And with my 4 months of tropical paradise, the jetlag and all, I'm walking dazed between two worlds, from one home to another. Slowly recovering old habits & routine, I know some things will never be the same. Or maybe I have just forgotten how big my cat is.

And how good French wines are. Oh so good.

*a very reliable menthol balm you can find in Manila pharmacies


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. You were in the Philippines for 4 months!!!!Wow. Vidar must have really missed you.

    Hope you are fine (better) now.

    Nothing beats those menthol balms from the Phils. , (actually, made in China- we couldn't read the chinese label- but it's a menthol cone which is so effective for headaches.

  2. Hi Makis!! How are you??
    Glad to 'read' you again!
    Vidar is such a poser!!

  3. Welcome back Kisma :D ! Will give you a visit, promise ;) you owe me lots of kuwento.

  4. Hi Gina! 4 months is still too short :) Thanks for the nice thought. Happy to be back!

    Hey Lei! So happy to hear from you too! I'm great! Life continues :)

    Thanks Ana! Congrats for making Louna ate na!

    Thanks Haze! You're welcome anytime to visit us :)

  5. What in the world is ching chang chung, as in, mentholatum?! Wazzat?!

    And how cute is Vidar? A million billion times cute!

    Welcome back.

  6. Welcome back Makis, wow, I didn't know you were in the Philippines for 4 looong months. Kainggit naman.

    Who took care of Vidar while you were away?

  7. Kala: Ching chang chung is a menthol balm for headaches - really works for me!

    Thanks Geri! I was away for 4 months but my husband joined me on the 3rd month so my parents in law took care of Vidar for a month :)