this is not a going away post

Gratefulness, not family nor relatives, is what brought me back to Lourdes for the third time despite my last experience, an involuntary side trip to Bordeaux. It was mere willingness, a personal need to meditate & reflect my 35 years. The cause of the need is unknown but it was more powerful than the sloth in me & my hate of Bordeaux.

Even if it was already the last leg of summer vacation, Lourdes was crowded with people & I had a hard time finding my quiet spot. We arrived with 3 hours of sleep & I escorted Cathy right away to discover the spiritual aura that is in Lourdes, under a rain that is too weak for an umbrella but is too strong to make you wet. I have to admit that I was bitching about too much people, the drizzle & my cold, wet feet. I had to remind myself that I was there to burst with gratitude.

And gratitude is of being so blessed of a beautiful life enough to share something significant. A beautiful life that is made of a family that only after years you prove to be the only link that is you. A handful of friends so true for not only have you known each other for years, they stayed even with a twice a year e-mails, always picking up where you left off. A few new friends you can consider yourself lucky for in such a short time, it feels like you've known each other for years. And a husband who puts up & revolts to every version of me. The people (and a cat) in my life is the measure of my evolution. They have touched & changed me in ways they'll never know. All those 35 years. Old ones, new ones, forever people. And that's what only matters to me.

I couldn't find the best photos of us but it brings out my idea. So many people but no pictures. We don't even have one photo of us, Barb. Thanks for all the birthday thoughts & greetings, friends!


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. happy birthday makis! i was there in Lourdes last aug 15! i wont even elaborate on how much people crowded every corner of the shrine. Frenchguy took an hour to fill a 500ml bottle of holy water.. (we're back in dijon na ;)

  2. Happy birthday, Makis. I love it that you mentioned Vidar :) Cats rule!

  3. May all your fondest hopes and dreams come true Makis.

    Happy Birthday.

    Your picture show reminded me of the song- In My Life . (there are places i remember....)

  4. nice pics. maks.
    one day, magko-kodak din tayong dalawa...para maka extra ako sa GoodWidgets mo at para mailagay ako sa categoryang "lucky new friend."


  5. Vidar's so cute and furry in his photo! Parang mag-wi-wink siya, hehehe. Trip ko the widget that you used!

  6. COOL Widgets, don't you find a better picture of mine Makis ??? hehehehe mukhang LOLA ako dyan, parang hindi debutante !


  7. Happy birthday and all the best. Its good to be surrounded by those you love most on a day such as this.

  8. Thanks Ana!!! So vacation is over na for the working mom :)

    Thanks Apol! But the cat that rules our house has gone missing for 2 days & a night :(

    Thank you for the birthday greeting, Gina! It's true that the photos could be more dramatic with background music :)

    Can't wait to be able to meet up with you, Chesca! Saan ba ang halfway natin ha?

    Kala, have to thank Lu for the widgets :) But Vidar is still not home...

    Thank you, Haze, for being there, or here :) I really chose that photo of us, mukha tayong mamasan, hahahahaha!

    Thanks so much for the warm birthday thoughts, Leah! I think it's it's really all about the people in our lives, no?

    Thank you all for the thoughts, girls!

  9. Makis, is Vidar back? If not, get in touch, I have all these tips for looking for a lost cat from when I lost my Sally... but I hope he's home na.

  10. eto napakwento lang about lourdes.
    Pilipino husband said to Butler, he will go to lourdes bec his wife told him to go there so that he will be cured of alcoholism.
    So husband took water of the fountain there.

    Going back home, husband complained:
    HE got backache bec of long trips, and after drinking the holy water daw,his alcoholism didnt go away.

    He still want to drink Vodka, lol

    bakit naging ganun?