orange men doing thriller

As usual, I am the last to know about something like this one I received on email this afternoon. This video was actually already viewed by millions of people & was on US entertainment shows.

As part of their recent program, the Cebu Provincial Detention & Rehabilation Center did a choreography to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," all of them, more than a thousand inmates, all in orange jumpsuits with a capital P on their backs.

Check out their video here of Thriller, on where you will see more links on their other renditions like the Queen's Radio Ga-ga, I will follow you of the movie Sister Act & the Algorithm March to name a few.

We Filipinos do love entertainment. Any form. It's in our bones.


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  1. i would love to see them dancing like that , than killing each other like sputnik vs bahala na gang, di ba?

    Hopefully, maturuan na rin sila how to crochet, or do some sudoku,
    belly dancing.
    Onga, belly dancing naman next video sana?

    There's so much to occupy in jail, as they got a lot of time.
    Thier wives must be proud of them.

  2. Hahahaha this is just hilarious and fun Makis! Pati ako mapapasayaw kasama nila :)!

  3. Dapat ang title ng video na yan "Orange Men Can Dance". I was showing the Thriller to my officemate and she can't believe that they're legitimate inmates. Yan ang Pinoy!

  4. Very entertaining! All smiles while watching.

  5. Francesca : Belly dancing! Hahahahaha!

    Kakaindak ba, Haze? Ikaw pa, eh dancer ka rin diba ;-)

    Geri : At first I thought, "So what's so great about this?" But it's true that the synchronicity & all is amazing :)

    Glad you're entertained, Leah!