have a break

My summer mcjob* is to hand out & collect keys, reply to inquiries, provide tourist information, attend to complains & assure that all our 83 apartments are ready & perfect for each of our guests. Aside from all the perks metioned on being a receptionist in a residence-hotel, the best part is encountering an assortment of characters - all in holiday mode. A view of the residence - the children's playground by the pool.

The cool vacationers. In total holiday mode. Won't be affected by a slight hot water problem. Does not ask for anything nor complain unless really necessary. Detached from other vacationers, they're almost unnoticed. Vacation really means vacation: stress-free.

The cool but...vacationers. In almost total holiday mode but some things are just getting in the way like the gardener watering the plants in their apartment's balcony at before lunch. Comes to the reception a bit shy to complain but complains anyway. "There was a guy watering our plants this morning in our balcony & we were a bit *chuckles* uncomfortable but hey, it's no problem. Just telling you..."

The benevolent vacationer. Pleased & enjoying where they are & at the same time wishes everybody to have the same pleasure by indicating slight holiday imperfections. "We noticed that the window shutters are rubbing against the garden lamp. It's not really for us but for you & the other guests."

The Brady Bunch vacationer. Does not matter if they're 10 or 4, they can produce the same effect. They are too excited that they are bursting with fruit flavors. Can gather people to play swimming pool volleyball even if it's prohibited. A regular at the reception, flipping through tourist leaflets in search for action. A vacation means group activites.

The grumbler vacationer. In search for the perfect holiday but refuses to pay the price for it. There is always something to spoil it. The grumblers really grumble without shame. You always think, "What now?" when you see them coming to the reception.

The my money's worth-getter vacationer. Every cent is worth a perfect holiday. Every complain is tagged with, "I paid €€€s for this holiday!" They are normally grumblers too & they are the worse kind. They think that they can do anything like bringing food by the pool when it's well indicated that it's prohibited, and when told, they can make your head fly.

An assortment of people gathered within an area of 3.2 ha will always have one of each kind of vacationer. Apparently, most of these types are French. I suppose, there is something about being on holiday in homecourt. But for every grumbler, we have at least two cool vacationers, add in a few cuties for my colleague. And the season is just beginning, now the ability to distinguish but not to handle difficult ones just yet. What joy. I just send my colleague because she's a toughie.

Then I realized that we're cool vacationers & I'm my money's worth getter to my husband. I think we make a good package as clients.

*mcjob - low-paying, low-benefit job in the service sector. From the book Generation X of Coupland.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. haha, this is a good post, mak!

    im one grumbler vacationer too. Wanted the best for the least priced, pinay ako eh.

    Lagi ko na mental calculate: hmm, teka, kano na yan sa pesos..!
    Mahal ata, Michel, wag yan!

    sabi Michel, okey, we sleep in the car then!whats the point of taking holidays!!!!
    stress level ni lolo, hangang langit na naman, haha

  2. Meeting different people and learning to deal with them is a learning experience and will surely be useful in future endeavors. Enjoy your job Makis and make the best of it!

  3. Kakatawa ka talaga, Francesca, hanggang ngayon ba naman nag co-convert ka pa rin sa pesos?!

    Thanks, Gina! I really enjoy small talks :)

  4. For the queen of small talk, I can't imagine a better mcjob for you than this. I think that when I'm on holiday, I turn off the stress-levels 100% and just go with the flow.

    (I guess you would say I'm a "too-cool" vacationer, as demonstrated by our last holiday in France, the one devoid of any planning! Sorry na nga, eh! Heheheh)

    PS. Wow, that's a huge pool!!!!!

  5. haha, e di ba nga, arrogant and rude daw ang mga french.. i could consider myself a cool vacationer, frenchguy could fit in in the grumbler vacationer category.. and louna, me thinks, is a brady bunch..

  6. i am with you makis.
    i am the cool vacationer but i also want my money's worth (combination)
    this was a good post.
    made me chuckle.
    happy summer.

  7. Can one be a mix of "cool but", "benevolent", and "my money's worth"? I'd say that's me. I grumble ubder my breath a lot. Guess it really depends where, what type of holiday, and if the staff are friendly. The latter being the most important for me.
    PS. of course you can do the same thing with your photos. I just wish the 'goodwid't so obvious.

  8. I noticed how 100% stress-free you were on your last holiday in France, Kala :D I don't know but I realized that peole are just sometimes drawn to tell me things.

    It's true, Ana, the french can be arrogant & rude. I think it's just because they really take their holidays very seriously :)

    Thanks Chesca! Hope you're enjoying summer on your side!

    So true, Lu, a friendly & accomodating staff is important. You're a cool but vacationer??? I really find them funny :) Thanks for the idea for the photos! Mwah!