Beach towel. Thermos. Book. MP3. Sun screen lotion. Sarong. Sun screen for the face. Hat. My European banig. All check & into my handy beach basket. My beach elements.

Just a few meters away from home, I reach our little beach of pebbles & stones with a pathway just a few steps from the shore. I choose my spot on this scorching hot summer day. Finally, the kind of heat I expected. I am surrounded by French mothers in their late 40's & 50's that has a body of a young woman. I have to admit that they are sexier than the budding women in their early 20's. I look at my belly & gave out a heavy sigh.

Out on the sea, wind surfers float like butterflies in the blue that twinkles like a thousand diamonds. Only if there were more wind, those butterflies will glide. Just
near the shore, a couple snorkels at a variety of sea stone sizes & colors, that are slippery & can deform your feet, especially your little toe, and some soft corals, if ever you can call them that or it exists in the Mediterranean Sea. I remembered how walking on the beach in the Philippines is such a treat. By the shore, there exists an ecosystem of sea slugs, sea ferns, crabs & tiny shell fish. It's a joy to know that there is a world so beautiful under the sea than just stones.

My camera just allowed me one snap shot of my view among the teen-agers, moms & dads, grand ma & grand fathers, kids & babies & a couple of kayaks. If only there were bars made of wood behind me serving cocktails & more sand & longer shores, it's almost like paradise. Heck, who am I kidding. The Philippine beaches are divine. And you get to have the beach for yourself since Filipinos don't like staying under the sun. But our barrio's beach will do for now. Although it's not the same fun, I get the same tan.

My view under the sun. Almost feels like home seeing Marseille as an island.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Wow, the beach - a walking distance from home! Ay, like!!!
    We have to drive pa for more than an hour before we see the nearest beach. =(

    Enjoy !!!!

  2. Your place is so ideal 'cause it's so near the beach... you have no excuse to not be tanned, hehehe. And i really like your beach basket, where did you buy it again?


  3. am at the beach too right now.
    i know what you mean.

  4. yay, still 2 more weeks to go before we hit 'vacances'. darn, i'm starting to get impatient!

  5. Yes, just a few steps to the beach, Gina, but we rather take it for granted :) I try to go there even during winter.

    Still need more tanning, Kala! The last time I thought I had a beautiful exotic tan until I took a shower - like it was washed off! Kainis! I bought my basket from the Carry sunday market :)

    Where you're at looks better, Chesca :) Terraces by the beach, drinks by the beach & a pool by the beach! Down here there's nothing but precipice & topless lolas.

    Bakasyon ka nanaman, Ana???? I can't tell na between your trips eh :D

  6. Drooooooool!! We have the Paris plage, but it's just not the same. I'm jealous!! :)))

  7. Ah the goodness when in mediterranean seas, di ba mak?

    Ako, lakas loob mag 2 piece! Ganun di marghie, anak ko.

    Para kasing lola na kung nag one piece kami eh.
    sabi Michel, he will take our photos.
    Sabi ko: wag na!
    maeskandalo ang blogging world, haha!

  8. So how's your tanning session at the beach ????

  9. Take some photos of the Paris plage, pleeeaaasse, Lu!!!!

    Over ka naman na maeskandalo ang blog world with your 2 piece bathing suit photos, Francesca! Ako nga laki laki ng belly, sige pa rin eh :)

    Welcome back, Haze! Apparently, I still need more tanning!!!

  10. Oh my , what a beautiful view. Ako rin, labs ko ang sun except my skin is so negra na from all the exposure despite all the SPF 30 or 50 I put on. Well, come winter balik na uli sa pagka-brown.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer and happy "beaching"