when they come, they pour

Adeline & Tof's terrace overlooking the Lago Maggiore

So there we were in the Communauté Helvetique, in the Swiss-Italian side Locarno, having three barbeque dinners in a row, 570km away from home, new people in between saucisses & lamb chops, it was the ice breaking with red wine when it struck me that although I find Switzerland a bit curious having three nationalities in one country, they actually become bilingual on the fourth language learned. Putting aside that babble, I found myself conversing more in French, like it is the universal language in this part of the world. English then becomes the last recourse to understanding.

The smell of barbeque on our shirts now becomes a reminder of good things, especially to come. For the smell of barbeque is just the start. But I will be smelling other people's barbeques first when I will be busy mcjobbing this summer.


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the CĂ´te d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Congratulations on the job Makis, am super proud of you!!! As you already know my theory, this is only the start of all the other good things in store for ya!

  2. Job search is over! On to the next phase of your life, more challenging and exciting! New job, new beginning and more opportunities will come on your way...Congratulations Makis and I am glad you made it by yourself ! I will miss our afternoon chatting :( !

  3. hey, what's up? i'm quite lost! so you bagged a job? to CH? is that near Geneva? - hey, im not far from there!

  4. Thanks so much for the great support, Kala & Haze!!! It's just a mcjob but a great one :)

    Oo nga, Ana, it's not too clear my post :D I didn't find a job in Switzerland nor are we moving there. I found a summer job here in our region. Pang pocket money for our trip to Manila next year!

  5. Congrats Makis on your new job. Hope you'll enjoy it...what month would you be going to Manila next year? Been thinking if pareho tayo ng month, I'm hoping to see you...-Len

  6. Thanks Len! Wow, it would be great to meet up :) We'll be there on Feb or March next year to escape winter ;-) Kakatawa naman, eto dito tayo mas malapit, doon pa tayo sa 15Kkm away magkikita :D

  7. uy sama ako sa manila hehe. libre ba? new job eh? WINK

    Teka, helvetique? meron akong employer taga ryan. mabait and really swiss. Yung anak niya sa Lemans University ba yun nag aaral.I ve been in geneva, cool place, ka rich ng mga tao dyan, ala monaco. Enjoy the summer job, ba syang din, may pang salubong na sa pinas.

  8. ngek, as in i was lost pala haha.. so congrats sa new job!