n'importe quoi...vraiment

Smurfing on TV, and by smurfing frenchfry means surfing, always bring surprises.
This is actually the News during lunchtime on some channel
- international, national & weather - with a twist.
What a way to shoot up a channel's rating.

A seemingly normal newscaster on national current events.

Then she starts by unbuttoning her blouse...

Takes off her blouse...

Then her skirt...

Removing her bra on the news on Chirac...

And finally ending her segment braless.
And this is the weather news:

You don't know if you listen to the news or wait for them to strip.
And you thought that Philippine TV has all the crap.
Sometimes France TV c'est vraiment n'importe quoi -
a polite way to say non-sense or bullshit.

The show's name & channel has been hidden for my protection :)


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Haha, you spot it on mak, in france, seems they dont have anthing to show but the pretty bom bom of what ever, lol

    u r right not to put what channel, we will know it in time;

  2. Tout a fait d'accord Makis! They have non sense advertising (a lot) though it's not obvious because French People are known to be chic.

  3. haha, i was laughing over it! meron rin kasi dito nyan sa toronto, late night kitchenomics chuvah naman. As in, top lang ang may cover nung dalawang hosts. Tawa ko nang tawa nung magbate nung egg yung girl, pinakita pwet nya, apron lang cover ng boobies nya. pati yung guy. Pero serious silang nagtuturo ng cooking lessons and preparing the meals live on TV. Natawa ko, ba't kaya naiisip that kind of segment ano?

  4. that is to say, we have a hot winter hehehe..

  5. Francesca: Grabe talaga dito ang mga exposure even in commercials diba? I remembered that in the Philippines, super bawal any sort of exposure!

    Hazel : That is not advertising ha, that is a real news show!

    Nao: OMG! Cooking nude??? That beats our strip news! Ano yan, parang 9 1/2 weeks????

    Ana: That is what's funny with TV, there are no seasons talaga!