being random

The Mysterious Tiny Blue Gem
I have been collecting this tiny synthetic blue gem for quite
some time now when cleaning the floor. I still can't figure out
where it comes from & looking at our things or clothes, nothing
places it. How I wish it's genuine gem. I bet it'll remain a mystery.

Miniature Venus Flytrap
An addition to my Kingdom Plantae.
It already caught a mosquito in one those tiny traps.
How can you resist?

Curtain Trouble
This window have contented itself without curtains for 6 years.
Because to find the one I like makes me freak out looking for it.
The red arrow is the main problem, so I have decided to get the
regular curtain (I don't like very thin curtains) & probably staple
it to my desired length, thanks for the idea Kala. It's full-proof.
Our bedroom has the exact same window & I can't breathe in
anymore the morning chill & humidity. My nose has spoken.
Any brighter idea than the s
tapler relief?

Lunar Imbalance?
For some reason, I was affected by the almost full moon that was
staring at me, all big & bright through my (curtain-less) window last night.
Not only that I have the hormonal imbalance for the month but can
the full moon really affect you in some strange way?
Monthly period + full moon = dangerous woman?


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. I could sew it for you Makis :) ! I grew up with a Mom who's a professional dressmaker so I hace a know-how knowledge . 2nd solution there are Pinays who are sewer the service would be 5 euro (for pants) ! I just don't know for curtains!

    Di ba talaga totoo yang gem?

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  3. Double stick tape works for the curtains too. I don't have curtains here in Paris anymore since it's useless to put them up. And your venus flytrap looks so cute and deadly at the same time!


  4. Oi Haze, di nga about some pinoys there who does sewing services??? Naku, tawagan kita for that :D And no, it's like a plastic gem where the other side is flat & it seems to be really glued somewhere. Sana nga totoo so I can have have lots of moolah :)

    Kala: But that double stick tapes depends on the weather too no? It loses its adhesive when it's humid or something? I already bought this sewing glue so long ago but afraid to use it :) Isn't my flytrap adorable?

  5. Hey, Makis. In Ikea they sell curtains with these iron-on thingies for fixing the hems without actually sewing. So you just cut the curtain to the length you want, go at it with an iron, tapos! I bought and tried and can guarantee it's effective.

  6. hey makis, you could buy that curtain hanger (i dont know how they call it) which you could fix directly on your window then buy curtains at ikea as apol said.

    ps: that plant looks deadly nga but cute.. saan mo binili yan hehe.

  7. Apol: Is this iron-on thingies the same as the sewing glue? Thanks for the assurance, I was afraid to use that glue :)

    Ana: Our windows are really a head scratcher for putting curtains! There's just a tiny space to put a curtain rod or tringle so I'll have to make it longer so there's space to pull the curtain on the side so it won't block the window when I open it. Hay naku.

    I bought the flytrap in Carrefour!

  8. Hi,

    You can always make the window seem bigger by putting wider curtains. Go out of the boundaries. Put one wide curtain on each side and then just close it when you dont want to see the outside. When the curtains are closed, it looks like you have a big window behind the curtains.
    Gets mo? Hope that made sense.

  9. Thanks Leah! The window on the pic has a 8cm space to the wall on the right & the one on our room doesn't even have a space between the wall :) It's really a window for thin curtains you put just to cover the glass part so when you open the window, the curtains go with it. Parang ang labo :D

  10. naku sis, GITARA ba yang nasa may bintana? who's playing it, you ba? naku naku.. magkakasundo tayo Maks! yan ang isa sa mga talent na naipasa sakin ng nasira kong ama. Wish to be playing guitar with you someday.

  11. Naku, sis Nao, that would be frenchfry's guitar :D Magkakasundo pa rin tayo kung kakanta nalang ako??? Hahaha!

  12. I don't know what sewing glue is :( but the Ikea thing is a milky white mesh strip. So parang tape, mahaba. Otherwise, I can bring my portable sewing machine over one day and we can make you curtains! Let's discuss pala the Oursinade plans.

  13. Oi, thanks Apol! Let's talk more about your portable sewing machine :D and yes, the Oursinade! The sewing glue is literally a glue that you squeeze on fabric & press together (not iron, now that I read the instructions again).

  14. We have the same windows in the flat and i did was to put thin one attached to the windows and a huge one that hangs on the wall. So just to avoid anybody looking at us inside, we are at rez de chausee kasi.
    Siya, hope you find the best for your windows soon. Try Habitat kaya?

  15. Oo nga, Francesca, you really have to put curtains if you're on the ground floor. Our windows are really for those thin curtains that you attach to the window door but I wanted something different. I'll try Ikea tomorrow :D Habitat curtains are in our big windows.

  16. Makis, your fly trap is amazing...hindi ba nangangagat yan ng daliri? Haha! Amazed ako,ha! -Len

  17. Hi Len! No, it doesn't bite :D I also have the impression that it will so I don't really touch it. Nice to see you here again!