missing philam

There are moments or moods, as you prefer, that comes without a warning sign. It can depend on whether it is a good or bad mood but the thing is it's unexpected. When an invitation is a week long & when the day comes & you're okay with either going or not & you went anyway - and it's about 3 filipinas for appero & when the wine tastes sooo good, you know that your bahay alcohol has awaken. And it does not wake up like that but only in random moments. What does it mean? It means that it's a part of you that will not entirely die with environment or age or even with the people you're with - it's you you & you feel good being the way you were. That blissful moment where everything does not matter - an oasis of rest - before you blink back into reality & we all need an oasis to get us through our reality but sometimes it is also about the people who just happen to share a moment of your life. Sometimes in life, it is not just a matter of choosing. It is most of the time about feeling. And that is something we will always keep because it stays in our hearts. Thank you for being part of my panorama. 


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. is this about partying and drinking sis? just grab a red wine, it's good for the heart. And of course, drink in moderation. Take care Maks!

  2. aba, mukhang napasarap ka sa alcohol na nainom mo ah? Pastis ba? hihihi.

    For me, the best party to go with, is yng kilala mo sino kasama mo, ka blending mo and same line and level of discussions kayo.Hindi ba nakaka out of topic ang isat isa.
    Also, in french dining baga:
    good wine, meal, bread cheese , dessert, and company, aba, yoko i refuse ang invite, lalo na kung walang humpay na tawanan, kesehoda gabihin, di ba? LOL

    Kaya, if may time, hala, gala with good friends, nakaka relaks talaga...

  3. Hi Makis, I only went to only about two parties with Pinays in 2006 (among the many) where I really had a good time. I felt like I was a bird finally out from its cage. It was the real me talking, laughing, and all that. I wasn't even drunk (I don't normally get into drinking much when the kid's around). It was so liberating. I think it's the good vibes/good chemistry vibrating around friends that made it great. I felt completely recharged after the party!

  4. Hi Nao! Not really about partying & drinking but being with really good friends. I guess 6 years in a new country is too short to have the kind of friendship I have back home :) Bilib talaga ako sa time management mo, sis! Thanks for making my blog part of it!

    Francesca: Naku, ayaw ko ng Pastis - I really don't like anis. And I prefer pa rin lechon manok, liempo, tuna belly & cheese sticks for pulutan, hehehe! And I totally agree, relaxing talaga to unwind with good friends.

    Joy: I really know what you mean when you said "bird finally out from its cage!" And you it is so true about the good vibes & chemistry, napapasarap lalo ang inom when it's like that. Gald to see you here again :)