que des merdes

Everybody already had those kind of days. You know that kind when nothing seems to be going right - a series of bad luck that sometimes lasts for a stretch of time & you just sit & wait for the shit to stop falling on your head. In our case, we have a succession of unfortunate car events. Thank goodness it's not anything colliding, just a couple of headscratchers & pickles.

The curse started a few months ago when french fry's car antenna was stolen. Nothing bad, just a hassle to lose radio signal. A few weeks ago, all four of his hub cabs were stolen. Nothing that bad, just that now the all black wheels are so ugly. Our neighbor had all his stolen too in which he concluded that it's hunting season for the all new Clio. Last week, our other car just decided to get stuck in the parking without any prior symptoms at all. In getting in, I accidentally leaned on the steering wheel & locked it but the problem was with the ignition key that won't turn at all. It was like I was using the wrong key & the mechanic told me is something really rare. The thing with cars today is that mechanics cannot tinker with it anymore like they used to - it's all electronic so there's no choice but to pass by the most expensive route to repairing it. We have to have the car towed to the garage, replace the ignition key & reprogram the new car keys & door locks for yes, hundreds of euros. It does not all end there. Two days after the ignition key incident, french fry's car radio got broken due to a centimeter open window under a big rain. This all happened within a month, give or take a week or two. Sometimes it really makes you wonder quand c'est que des merdes (when all shit happens).

Now, we just justify this temporary curse by believeing it could have been worse - which has a high probability of happening - bad luck does not care if you've had too much. I now learned to make a "shit basket," a piggy bank if you will, to ease the eventual pain of our pockets because sometimes it just pours. 


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. holy crap. I'm all for the shit basket. and i cross my fingers that nothing else will happen to those cars, and that the curse is broken.

  2. bloghopping...u know what they say, sometimes ur the pigeon, other times ur the statue....such is life.

  3. You knew how the sh** happened to us ! I think we always have a taste of it, unfortunately no one can scape, no exception to the rules ! Il n'y a pas que de la merde Makis, les choses vont changer :) !

    BTW, thanks for the support Makis :) !

  4. Eh, Mak, your keys change is not covered by insurance from renault?
    lolo got clio but its old now, so when his key got the same problem, he use the duplicate key, so the car starts.

    We got the old key to be repaired too.

    Mind you, November is worst month for evryone all over france.
    Tax paying month, people are stress as september is back to regular work, roads are busy for lorries, the weather is coucou(crazy).
    When it rains it pours daw talaga, same sa mga misfortunes.
    kainis, nga!
    i can understand you.

  5. i don't believe in bad luck. I never put that thought in my head since i don't like it. But i believe, like what you said, that shit happens. And it happens to me all the time. LOL.

  6. i hate car problems, what more about security..ganyan ba talaga sa france?
    hope all is well and the curse is broken (lol)

  7. Thanks everybody! Things are kind of looking up for one - frenchfry was able to fix the ignition key with a kind of DW40 but more potent & professional, says frenchfry - just a couple of sprays & voila, we saved at least 400€, at least for now! We're keeping the bottle in the car.

    Francesca: Eh non, we already inquired on it for the insurance. First, for the towing - the insurance said we'll be covered if our car is 50km away from our home & it's just parked by our building. Then, I'm not sure if Peugeot (the Clio had more stealing curses, it was the 307 with the ignition problem) covers key change. The duplicate key didn't work! It's really a mechanical problem. And you're so right to say that November is a shitty month!

    Leah: Car problems, or anything electronic, are the worse. You feel so dependent on them that when they break, you feel kind of lost. About the security, it's not that safe - I guess it's not only in France & although they have cameras on the parking, you'll still have to go to the police & complain about it. Hopefully the curse is over. Phew!

    Thanks Kala & Hazel! Apres les merdes, er, c'est quoi alors? Des fleurs?! Maintenant là, enfin ça commence bien mon fin d'annee! J'ai ma voiture encore et j'ai trouvé un bon cadeau pour bossing - merci Kala, je t'emebete toujours! Et Hazel, je t'en prie :)

    Merry Christmas, sis Nao! Kakatawa ka talaga, but I think you're right - there's no bad luck but just shit & it's even better to think of it that way! Iowe you pa an email, Nao!

  8. ah, ganun pala? I didnt know na may distance pa pala yang insurance ek ek???!
    basta happy ka na, all things done well. Have a nice holiday!

  9. Eh oui! Kakaloka talaga dito masiraan. Pag na-flat nga ako, iiyak nalang ako. Sa Pilipinas, we can stop a taxi driver to change the tire & pay him 50php :) Thanks Francesca! Happy Holidays to you & lolo Michel!

  10. ah, when shit happens.. we've got a long story with our cars, lahat na yata, they even tried to open both cars just infront of our house.. then after that, they opened our house.. at the same day i knew i was pregnant and frenchguy was in bangkok.. o di ba, le gros lot! but we're lucky coz frenchguy's bossing loves cars so he's our official mecano, for free! (sometimes, you just have to know the right people hehe)

  11. Oh no, ana, talaga? You can never really be too careful. Oi, pasama naman with that mechanic :)