les dijonais meets les marseillaise

Hazel, Mayumi, myself, Basti, Laurent, Ana & Louna
at Hazel's in Marseille

With our Miss Bacolod, Jhonna

It's really amazing how a bunch of Pinoys get together -
with the four of us, it was like a party of 20!
I hope Laurent is not marked for life &
will still continue to join pinoy gatherings ;-)

Photos from Hazel


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Finally, an EB with a co-blogger, kumpleto pa ha with french hubby and her beautiful baby Louna :) ! See you again Ana and family! Look how blogging works ;)....elle est pas belle la vie ;)

  2. ay saya saya naman?!!!siguro, non stop tsika ano???

    buti di naman na out si laurent sa tsikahan ang would ask: "anosabiniya"? Gaya ke Lolo, alam niya mag tanong ng: ano-sabi-niya, and ano-sabi-mo?
    Then sasabihin ko, oh, nothing much...
    "Nothing much??!!! You giggles and laugh and get crazy "tsika" for hours, nothing????!!!"laki mata Lolo, hihihi!

    experience nyo ba yan? tatanong sila,what we are discussing , then we say: oh nothing... hehe
    basta, seems you all have good time, wala ba may nalashing???

  3. waaaaaaaaaaah grabe!!!!
    nagkita na kayo ni baklang ANA?????
    waaaaaaaahhhhh inggit ako to the max shet!!!!!

  4. at pati pala si sistah HAZEL kasama rin.... waaaaaaaaahhhh sheeeet inggit talaga ko waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  5. ang daya niyo! heheh


  6. Inunahan na kita sa pag post ng photos natin, Haze :) In your post on our EB, ikaw mag wento :D Thanks for the pics, Haze!

    We really wished you guys were there, Nao & Kala!!! Can you imagine the rave we're all going to have?!

    Next EB in Paris or Canada?! Hehehe!

  7. Non-stop chika talaga, Francesca :) Alam mo yon, sigawan kasi everybody speaks at the same time kaya sakit sa throat after, hahaha! Mga drivers eh kaya walang nag inuman :) O, kelan naman EB natin, we're more neighbors than Ana!

  8. wohoo! thanks guys, i really had fun during our stay there. waiting to see you all here in dijon hehe.

    ate amy, si laurent yung yayo hehe, so he was busy taking care of the kids so di na kami pinakialaman. si mayumi nga, gusto na magpaampon kay laurent e hehe.

  9. ang saya-saya naman! nakakainggit! next meeting niyo pasama ha? ;)

    great photos Makis! thanks for sharing!

    have a happy weekend! =)

  10. Onga, kelan ba? haha... Pag dito na lang mga anakis ko para mas masaya!

  11. sama mo na rin EB dito sa England :-) sensya na, nakikisali ako...hehe, subok lang :-) - Len