France's abrupt turn of events

Passion, stress, anxiousness were all what we felt throughout the finals of the Worldcup. After France's penalty kick at the 5th minute, Italy dominated the game with a corner kick goal at 19 minutes. We all felt tensed knowing that France is having a difficult time to play - Italy was playing their finals.

France finally dominated the match at the second half but still didn't manage a goal. But everything changed at overtime. Something made Zidane crazy & couldn't wait for another 10 minutes. A red card for butting Italian Materazzi in the chest was Zidane's final exit from his football career. With this, minutes before the penalty shoot-out, definitely destabilized the French team - Italy dominating the game physically & purposely grabbed France mentally. Trezeguet, the supposed to be secret weapon, missed his penalty kick that paved the way to Italy's victory.

Being in the finals proved that France still has what it takes to win - with the same team that won the Worldcup 98 - we'd have to wait for 2010 to see France's new generation of football players with a peek on the European Championship on 2008. This does not mean that I won't buy a France football jersey.

July 6, 2006 - France into the Finals

Against a very difficult team, the free kick was the greatest blessing. Portugal held the game more than France & the idea of the penalty kick at the end was alarming. Not only that France always goaled to win - avoiding the penalty shoot-out at the end - Portugal's goalie is good, blocking 3 penalty kicks that eliminated England.

Now into the finals against Italy, the two teams last played together in the 1998 World Cup, France winning the match by a 3:4 penalty shoot-out - and at UEFA Euro 2000 in Netherlands, France winning 2:1. We are all hoping to add another gold star on the team's jersey.

July, 2, 2006

While the whole world was probably cheering for Brazil,

France played one of their best match to date.

Good game, Zizou, good game.

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  1. my football thoughts are in this link, you may join...


    allez les bleus, tom, until the finals...OUAIIS!

  2. Still crossing my fingers for them, what scares me is that Portugal play violently and I hope nobody would suffer! Alllleeeeezzzz les Blues !

  3. woohooooo! gleng gleng! allez les bleus.. final result on sunday.. sana holiday sa monday hehe..

  4. YEHEY! allez les blancs daw sa sunday, kasi ang italians, will wear blue uniform!

    kaya: allez les blanc,
    allez zizou,
    allez ribery!
    allez henry...!
    vierra, makélélé, et
    sama na natin, team manager: domenec! lol