allez les bleus!

While Spain was laughing at the team of France with so much confidence that maybe this time they will beat the oldies, les Bleus scored 3 beautiful goals. Spain's penalty kick goal is still a goal but it hardly really counts compared to Ribery's, Vieira's & Zizou's well constructed buts.

Now into the quarter finals, it's not the first time France has a chance to win against Brazil. It's not going to be easy but it's not impossible. France beat Brazil 3-0 back in the final of World Cup 98.

Experience, not age, showed Spain not to be too cocksure too fast. But will this experience of les Bleus be an advantage to win against one of the strongest team in football? It's going to be a great saturday night football for this amateur fan of Europe's favorite sport.

Interesting World Cup Stats between France & Brazil
France ------------------Brazil

Matches Database
May 20, 2004-----France-----France VS Brazil-----0:0------FIFA Centennial Match
June 7, 2001------Korea------France VS Brazil---2:1 (1:1)---FIFA Confederatons Cup
July 12, 1998------France----Brazil VS France---0:3 (0:2)---FIFA World Cup France
June 3, 1997------France-----France VS Brazil----1:1 (0:1)--Friendly 1997
August 26, 1992---France----France VS Brazil----0:2 (0:1)---Friendly 1992
June 21, 1986--- Mexico-- Brazil VS France- (1:1)- 1986 FIFA World Cup Mexico
June 24, 1958----Sweden--Brazil VS France--5:2 (2:1)-1958 FIFA World Cup Sweden

Photo & stats from FIFA World Cup 2006 at http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/

June 25, 2006

Football only started to be interesting for me when I met my frenchfry the year France won their first World Cup title in 1998. Even so, European tournaments were never appealing to me as the World Cup. I like the idea of solidarity of various countries across the globe. I even get teary-eyed to see people supporting their country.

France survived the first stage of qualification, disappointment against South Korea but redeemed itself against Togo. There's one more game before France qualifies into the quarter finals - a very important game against Spain. Matches now have become more interesting - whoever loses the match is automatically disqualified. And it's getting tougher & tougher for if France wins, it'll next be against Brazil. Gulps.

I still don't know much a lot of football but there seems to be always a shadow of a doubt whether France will win. It looked like a struggle to win against South Korea (1-1) & Togo, making 2 goals only at the second half - when with the level of France, they could goal at least 4 against these teams. France still have the same players when they won the World Cup in 1998. France, majority of best players now on their 30's, will be playing against the 20's. They are still a good team if only they stress less - aller les bleus!

It's going to be pizza & beer on tuesday night. Go France!


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Likewise Makis, I started to like football when I married "mon amour" but I am always a fan of sports, name it, i love it (except golf).

    This will be going to be an important match on Tuesday! Hoping that they will win this battle against Spain...

    Tu as raison ALLEZ LES BLUES! ALLEZ LA FRANCE!!! Sayang walang Philippines :(

  2. Daming gwapo sa football ... *drooooool*
    I think there should be a rule that gorgeous football players should play shirtless.

    referee: *holding up a red card*
    gorgeous player: what did i do?!!!
    referee: you're wearing a shirt!
    gorgeous player: But...
    referee: *holds up another red card*



  3. We're now cheering for France, Hazel!

    Hahahaha, Kala! I totally agree! Imagine, 90 or more minutes of those gorgeous, sweaty (hihi), shirtless football players. Won't we just love football nights ;-)


  5. ey, brazil's next..allez les bleus!!!

  6. nag allez les blues din ako sa madame ko!
    sabay turo sa pasa ko. Nadulas ako, bagsak siko, aruuy!

    pero sige pa rin: allez blues!