chill by choice

We were invited for a friend's surprise birthday celeberation of his wife in the Alps & since we cannot even remember the last time we've been in real snow, we decided to have a chill by choice weekend.

On our way to La Clusaz on a white saturday afternoon.
There is always something about falling snow - you know that each snow flake is unique.

The trees during winter never cease to amaze me.
They break the continuity of the whiteness.

The Chalet.
For a moment there, I actually felt I can live here.

By the fire in the Chalet.
Champagne, apperitif & good friends.
Watching the white landscape outside & the snow accumulating on the window sill.
I have never appreciated a nice cozy salon with a fireplace like this.

Waiting for the scoot.
10:00pm. Around 1,800m altitude. At -7 degrees celsius.
Mild blizzard. Champagne & dancing to keep warm.
We are waiting for our snow mobile ride (snow mobile!) to the restaurant.
Waiting was 10 minutes too long, I cracked & actually got nervous for being here.
My hands were so numb that it became so painful &
my feet are starting to literally freeze.
Compensation: being inside the restaurant & good food.
What an experience!

Emotional landscapes.
We had a morning rush because we had to check-out at 12
& all of us woke up minutes before noon.
But how can you stay mad waking up on something like this?

So many possibilities.
When I see something like this, I am so tempted to run on it.
Do I sled or roll? Snowman or snowball fight?
But in the end, I just want to leave it untouched - and stay warm & dry.

The truth is I don't really like being cold outside too long even on a day like this.
I like looking at the bed of whiteness & falling snow
only from the window of a warm place.
I have a hard time walking over more than 5cm of snow
& the sensation of snow in my hand.
I actually hate getting wet, even moist, and cold.

But the truth is it is just so beautiful.
It is actually worth it to give this part of nature a chance.
And a chance for me to roll on the snow, make a snowman,
finally throw my snowball for revenge, actually learn to ski
by myself & to just embrace the freaking cold.
I have to do it all even once so I am now convinced
to get myself a real snow outfit.

Do you also have noses like tomatoes on a day like this?


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.


  1. Brrr... just looking at your pictures make me want to get a hot cappucino and jump under the comforter! Beautiful landscape though. Especially with the white white snow and the blue blue sky! And the Chalet looks soooo cozy!

  2. What a beautiful snowscape! Nice pics you got there Makis.

    Btw, thank you for the greetings and cheer on our anniversary. I appreciatre it so much.
    You take care and God bless!

  3. Wow it's been 3 yrs. I haven't seen snow, it is true here in the south of France it is very rare especially in Marseille the place where sun is always shining ;-)))

    Thanks for sharing this Makis ! Ganda talaga tingnan ... Keep warm.

  4. hi makis! those photos are beautiful. the snow covered mountain is really awesome! =)

    have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you both! take care and stay warm. =)

  5. Makis, those are great scenes but doesn't necessarily mean I would want to go there haha. Snow has melted here with our consistent 30F temps. Don't want to go snow mobile riding either. It was great that you had that mini adventure.

  6. A late THANK YOU to Kala, Bless, Hazel, Ligaya & Geri for your thoughts on my snow adventure! I'm already looking forward for spring!