4. It's the fourth time I am trying to make my opening entry right! I guess I'll have to start making this entry a right introduction:
a. I am a frustrated writer attempting to share my thoughts of living in a new country late in life; thus Pilipinas sa Marseille = a Filipina in Marseille, France; so you can imagine I can go on about anything inbetween
b. I can get lost in my thoughts killing the point of the story & end up babbling (I'll try to avoid that & I think I am doing progress on my last entry)
c. I am a detached person until I started blogging; thus my choice of entry topics
d. I always loved writing because it is my blowhole
e. I wish I had Douglas Coupland's brains & his creativity to express (and even hoped that I said all his snippets of life & living first), I am a huge fan, no a sucker for Douglas Coupland so you might catch me stealing some of his thoughts since we both do believe in a lot of the same things; he just describes things more creatively :)
f. I love pictures & I love taking pictures of anything; I sometimes like expressing my thoughts in pictures where little words are necessary; I like sharing my pictures & I will in my Metaphors of Life Images
g. Call me living by the word but I like thoughts & quotes like words of wisdom which I sometimes match with my pictures
h. I believe that reality is subjective

5 entries later, I realized that blogging could really be my back-up blowhole. In case somebody starts to get weird thoughts of what a blowhole is, I will quote the dictionary anyway:
BLOWHOLE : an opening or one of a pair of openings for breathing, located on the top of the head of cetaceans, such as whales and dolphins; the blowhole is opened by muscles upon surfacing and closed by the pressure of water upon diving; a hole in ice to which aquatic mammals, such as dolphins, come to breathe.

: a vent to permit the escape of air & all the crazy emotions I get when I surface to the real world & when I dive into my bubble !!!


From Manila to Paris, then to Marseille & to the Côte d'Azur, now in Singapore, clinging to a map of three worlds, where everything becomes all relative.

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